Where to Buy Jersey Cows in Kenya (Best Dairy Cows)

Cows are normally considered a source of wealth for those who possess them in some of the communities in Kenya. Cows have many advantages as compared to disadvantages.

Dairy cows are well known for their massive production of milk. By selling the milk, one may end up earning a lot. On the other hand, there are cows well known for their meat production. A lot of people have been able to succeed just by rearing such cows. There are, however, different cow breeds here in Kenya.

Our main concern today is where to buy jersey cows in Kenya. Maybe you would like to own some, but you are not sure where to get them.

Places in Kenya Where to Buy Jersey Cows 

The most popular places where to buy jersey cows in Kenya include Cowsoko, Ololua jersey farm, Imani Dairy Farm, and Githunguri.

Apart from visiting larger farms, you can also get Jersey cattle for sale at one’s homestead. Here, you can negotiate the prices, and finally buy the cow at an affordable price. 

There are different varieties of cows for sale in Nakuru, Kenya. If you are around that region, be sure to get the healthiest jersey cows from farms around Nakuru. 

Where to Buy Dairy Cows in Kenya

If you are looking for dairy cows for sale in Kiambu, Kenya, then you won’t miss them. Kiambu has well known places where you can purchase cows at affordable prices. Remember, dairy cows are more profitable and you won’t regret buying them. 

Githunguri dairy cows for sale are always healthy. The farmers working there have ensured that their cows stay in a healthy environment, eat healthy foods, and are awesomely taken care of. Their dairy cows also produce large amounts of milk. 

Sahiwal heifers for sale in Kenya can be found on different farms. You just need to identify the colour and size of the cow you are looking for. After making the purchase, you will realize that Sahiwal heifers are very profitable.


You can get yourself a jersey cow breed as early as now. I hope you have clear information on where to buy jersey cows in Kenya and you are ready to make your dreams come true. Jersey cow in Kenya is one of the best dairy cows that you should consider rearing in your dairy farm. They are well-known for milk production.

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