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You might be having, or rather, experiencing some trouble in fencing your homestead. Maybe you might be thinking of the cost of materials, but your budget is fixed. What if I told you that there is a solution? A solution that will give you a good fence that isn’t even easy for thieves to break. All that at a cost-friendly price.

Well, if you may be interested, then try Kei apple fence Kenya. This type only needs you to plant your seeds in rows and wait for them to grow. It’s all just that simple. 

Places to Buy Kei Apple Seeds in Kenya

Let us now quickly kick in to where to buy Kei apple seeds in Kenya. Kei apple seeds for sale are found in the following mentioned places: Asepsis Limited, Mkulima Young, and Agrifor Farmers are the most commonly known places to get kei apple seeds in Kenya. 

Kayaba Seeds

Kayaba seeds in Kenya are available across different seed farms. The seeds are found at good prices. They don’t take that much time to grow when planted. Over just a short period of time, you will have your fence well grown. 

Disadvantages of Kei Apple Fence

Here are some disadvantages to the kei apple fence. The most common one is that the fence is thorny. This condition makes it difficult to prune the fence. Also, when injected with the thorn, the injected part swells since its injection is poisonous.

How to Grow a Kei Apple Fence

Get Kei apple seedlings now and learn how to grow a Kei apple fence. All you have to do is to dig straight trenches around the place you want to fence. Consider Kei apple fence spacing, which is about 3–5 feet for hedges. And among the most important things for all is to get fertilizer for Kei apples. This will help in the production of quality and strong hedges. 


That is just a brief summary of the kei apple. That is where you can get them, the disadvantages and the benefits. I believe that now you are kind of satisfied. It’s time for you to make a change in your home by planting a kei apple fence. 

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