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Ever since the advancement in technology, kitchen chimney hoods in Kenya have widely replaced chimneys that were constructed directly in kitchens during the main house building. The hoods are more advanced and have features that some traditional chimneys lack.

A larger percentage of people are always after making their kitchen and general house beautiful. One way you can achieve this is by installing a kitchen hood in your kitchen. It is more advantageous since it traps all the smoke and filters it out. This helps you improve the quality of your kitchen. 

5 Places to Buy Kitchen Hoods in Nairobi

For this reason, you may be interested in knowing where to buy kitchen hoods in Nairobi. Kitchen hoods for sale can be found at any of the following places:

  1. Hoist Refrigeration Sale & Service.
  2. Merican Limited.
  3. Nairobi Kitchen Care Ltd.
  4. Gearnet Kenya
  5. Nairobi Home Appliances. 

These are among the best places where you can buy kitchen hoods in Nairobi easily.

Kitchen Hood Prices in Kenya

It is also important to know the cost of kitchen hoods in Kenya before making the purchase. The price of kitchen hoods in Kenya can be as low as Ksh.10,000. The price varies depending on a number of factors.

Kitchen Hood Suppliers

There are very many kitchen hood suppliers in Kenya. They have a duty and responsibility to ensure that there is an unlimited supply of kitchen hoods all over the country. They then supply the products to wholesalers and even retailers around the world. 

Nairobi Hobs and Hoods is highly ranked in terms of high quality kitchen hoods. Consider buying your kitchen hoods at an affordable rate from this particular shop.

A Hotpoint kitchen hood is commonly used all over the country. It is one of the best kitchen hood producing companies in Kenya.


Now you know where to buy kitchen hoods in Nairobi, their uses, pricing, and advantages. So what is stopping you from making the purchase? Make your kitchen look nice by installing a kitchen hood today. Also, it will protect you against smoke damage. Hurry and grab it as early as now. 

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