Where to Buy Liquid Soap Ingredients in Nairobi (Explained!)

Liquid soap is the current trend. Different institutions and firms are using liquid soap for cleaning purposes. They prefer this type because it is very easy to use and its liquidity nature is awesome. The soap does thorough cleaning, and it is also affordable.

The soap is made with different ingredients. They come in a variety of colours and thicknesses as a result of the ingredients being used. 

Your question may be where to buy liquid soap ingredients in Nairobi.

Places to Buy Liquid Soap Ingredients

Here is a list of places in Nairobi where to buy liquid soap ingredients:

  1. OTC shops near previously located Tuskys
  2. githurai 44…ask for chemical shops next to the flyover
  3. Cosmetics & Detergents Kenya Institute.
  4. Joyce Detergents & Soap.
  5. Halisi Naturals Brands.

These are some of the places where to buy liquid soap ingredients as well as where to buy soap making ingredients in Kenya. The mentioned places are also where to buy raw materials for soap making. 

Kronex Chemicals Limited, Chemicals & Detergent, Jilas Chemical Dealers, and Stevans Chemical Supplies are chemical shops in Nairobi. 

Where to buy soap base in Nairobi: Halisi Naturals Brands and My Kenya Soaps are some of the places to buy soap base in Nairobi. 

Liquid Soap Ingredients

Liquid soap making ingredients in Kenya are:

  • Water-soluble dye 
  • Distilled water 
  • Benzalkonium chloride 
  • Sodium lauryl-ether sulfate
  • Cocodiethanolmide 

These are among the best ingredients for making liquid soap in Kenya.

Cost of Making Liquid Soap

Before making liquid soap, you will need to know the liquid soap making procedure and ingredients. The procedure will then guide you on what to do. Later on, you will have your own soap. 

The cost of making liquid soap is not that expensive. For example, with the ingredients worth an average of Ksh 500, you will produce about 20 litres of liquid soap. If you are not making it yourself, then the cost of labor will be about Ksh. 300. 

The liquid soap business in Kenya is among the most lucrative businesses one can venture into. You will realise that you earn a lot more than you spend. 


Liquid soap making is the way to go since the prices of already made soaps keep rising every single day. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start manufacturing your own soap and save on the cost of buying it each day. Get the liquid soap making ingredients and learn how you can make the soap in the comfort of your home. There are a lot of places in Nairobi where you can buy the ingredients at affordable prices.

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