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Reading is something that is very interesting. Imagine spending each and every day learning about different things and ideas. Reading brings about a stable mind and also helps in terms of the improvement of grammar. Some take reading as a hobby, and so on.

You may, however, be a fan of reading things such as novels, but the only problem you are experiencing is that you don’t know where to buy them. 

That brings us to what may be your concern, and that is where to buy novels in Kenya. Across every region, there are a lot of places and book stores where you can buy novels in Kenya.

Best Places to Buy Novels in Kenya

Some of these places include:

  1. Keswick Books & Gifts Ltd.-Kilimani.
  2. Savani’s Book Centre Limited.
  3. Keswick Books and Gifts Ltd.
  4. Sarit Centre.
  5. Bookstop Ltd.
  6. Halfpriced Books. 

Rafu books Kenya is among the top-ranked book stores in the country. At Rafu, you will be able to get among the best books written by different authors from different parts of the world. Also, you will be able to get the books at user-friendly prices. 

You may consider visiting bookshops in Kenya so as to conduct some comparatives in terms of prices and so on. When you get the book that you want from a good bookshop, take it and enjoy the content. 

Savani’s Bookshops Price List

  • Brown ready-made covers, A4 pack of 5, Ksh.80
  • Pelikan mathematical set Ksh.150
  • Exercise books, 200 pages, Ksh.85
  • Exercise books, 96 pages, ksh.25
  • Pelikan soft gel pen ksh.55

Get the best quality books at good prices at Savani’s Bookshop.

Second Hand Novels

You may have a passion and an interest in buying a book. However, you may be having a financial challenge. If that is really it, then don’t feel as if you lack options. A very good alternative is to get second-hand books online in Kenya.

Here, you will get a book on your budget. The book’s being second-hand doesn’t mean that the content is any less than the new book. No. The books are in very good condition and are readable.  


Let me hope that you now have full knowledge of where to buy novels in Kenya. Also, the knowledge of prices has been explained in detail. I believe that this review was helpful to you and of great importance. Have good luck with your next purchase. 

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