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PEP stands for post-exposure prophylaxis. This means that the medication is taken just after a possible exposure to prevent HIV. It is highly recommended that the drug be taken just in case of an emergency.

The main activity that PEP does in the body is to prevent the virus from replicating. It is also recommended that PEP be taken just between 2 hours and 72 hours after exposure. So the earlier it is taken, the better. 

Let us get right to our main concern, which is where to buy PEP in Nairobi. PEP is found in a lot of pharmacies within Nairobi, either by prescription or over the counter.

Places Where to Buy PEP in Nairobi

Here are some of the best places where to get PEP in Nairobi:

  1. Haltons Pharmacy.
  2. Goodlife Pharmacy, Kenyatta Avenue.
  3. MYDAWA online pharmacy.
  4. Neem Pharmacy Valley Arcade.

Knowing the price of PEP pills may be your concern. Well, in government hospitals, the drug is given for free. Nairobi Women’s Hospital, however, offers PEP for free, yet it is a private hospital. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I get PEP at a pharmacy?

Yes. PEP can be found in pharmacies near you. 

Can I get PEP over the counter?

Yes you can. PEP isn’t illegal after all so you can get it over the counter.

How much do PrEP pills cost in Kenya? 

How much does PrEP pills cost in Kenya?

Just like PEP drugs, PrEP are offered for free in the government hospitals.

Is acriptega a PEP drug?

No. Instead, it is an antiretroviral drug used to boost the immunity of people affected by HIV.


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