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Shoes are very essential since they play a role in completing an outfit. There are different types of shoes with different designs and colours. Different shoes are also manufactured by different manufacturers. As a matter of fact, the shoes come in different prices and different quality. 

Let’s get into what your concern may be. That is the question on where to buy shoes in wholesale in Nairobi. If that is the case, then here are some places to buy shoes at a wholesale price.

  1. Emirates Shoes Collections.
  2. Julie Wholesaler.
  3. Ladies Shoes.
  4. Classy Rubber Shoes.
  5. Appointed Wholesalers.

The mentioned places answer the question where to buy shoes in wholesale Kenya.

Find mitumba shoes wholesale in Kenya today and purchase them at a lower price as compared to the real market price. 

Eastleigh Shoe Wholesalers 

There are a lot of shoe wholesalers in Eastleigh. They offer some of the best quality shoes at very affordable prices. If you are a business person, I’d recommend that you buy the shoes in wholesale terms at Eastleigh Wholesalers. 

Kamkunji Wholesale Shoes

Kamukunji wholesale shoes are of the highest quality. In addition, Kamukunji wholesale shoes prices are cost-friendly and anyone willing to buy them will. 


There are more than enough sneaker wholesale distributors in Kenya. They play a great role in terms of distributing shoes all over. The distributors also ensure that the products distributed are of high quality and meet good standards. 

Get sneakers at wholesale prices today for a better look. 

Doll Shoes

Doll shoes wholesale prices in Kenya will vary depending on a lot of factors. Some of which include the type and quality of the shoes. 


Get bulk wholesale shoe distributors in Kenya today and let them distribute the shoes to you and sell them in pairs to your customers. Here you will be able to get higher profits as compared to the price you paid for it. 

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