Where to Buy Cheap Shoes in Nairobi Easily Now

Shoes are very essential in terms of dressing. As a matter of fact, the shoes that you will wear are what will make your outfit look complete. There are, however, different types of shoes, as you know. Official, leather, sports shoes, rubber shoes, among others. You can decide to put on the type of shoes that suit you best.

Your concern may be where to buy cheap shoes in Nairobi. Well, there are a lot of places where you can buy shoes in Nairobi.

Places Where to Buy Cheap Shoes in Nairobi

Some of these places are;

  1. Wide shoe collection.
  2. Gikomba market.
  3. Eastleigh market.
  4. Emirates shoe collection.
  5. Githurai market.

Different Types of Shoes & Where to Buy Them

Skate Shoes

Where to buy skate shoes in Nairobi:

  • Tenth Empire.
  • Skate Empire.
  • Nairobi Skate Station.
  • Nairobi Sports House.

Ladies’ Shoes

There are a variety of places to buy ladies’ shoes in Nairobi. Around the CBD, different sellers run ladies’ shoe businesses. Ladies’ shoes are always available at very affordable prices.

Ballet Shoes

Jumia, Jiji, Facebook Market Place, and Nairobi Sports House are some of the few shops where to buy ballet shoes in Nairobi.

Safety Shoes

Safety Boots Kenya is the best place to buy safety shoes in Nairobi. The shop will sell you the shoes at a very affordable price.

Men’s Shoes

There are very many places to buy men’s shoes in Nairobi. All you need is the required amount of money for the shoe you want to own and its type.

Where to Buy Wholesale Shoes in Nairobi

Are you trying to find out where to buy wholesale shoes in Nairobi? Appointed wholesalers, Urban Fitz shoes wholesalers, and Wide Shoe Collection are the well-known shops where to buy shoes wholesale in Nairobi. The mentioned places are also where you can buy wholesale ladies’ shoes in Nairobi.

Gikomba Market is among the best places to buy mitumba shoes in Nairobi. You will be able to get some of the best Mitumba shoes at very good prices.

Kamukunji wholesale shoe prices vary widely depending on different factors. However, the shoes can be as low as KSH 400 onwards. The good thing is that the shoes are of high quality.


To wrap up, there are many places to get cheap shoes in Nairobi. For business, you can get cheap shoes at a wholesale price. In addition, you can make high profits. Hopefully, this review was helpful to you and has helped you get the answers to the questions you asked.

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