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Wallpapers are popular at the moment. Unlike in the past, when people painted the walls, they now simply stick the wallpaper on. Wallpapers give your home a natural, one-of-a-kind appearance. Wallpapers are available in a variety of styles, qualities, and designs. This enables the client to select the wallpaper that is most appropriate for them.

The wallpapers are extremely affordable and are available at a variety of retailers. You may have fantasized about installing wallpaper, but you have no idea where to begin.

Let us now kick in to what may be your point of interest and concern. That is the question of where to buy wallpaper in Nairobi.

  1. Belka ShowRoom.
  2. Wallpaper Center Nairobi.
  3. Raveras Ltd.
  4. Wallpaper Kenya.
  5. Robert Hutching Wallpapers Ltd.

These are the well-known places where to buy wallpaper in Nairobi.

Get among the best wallpapers in Eastleigh at affordable prices and change the look of your house. 

Wallpaper Prices & Installation

Wallpaper prices in Nairobi vary a lot. This means that there is no fixed price for a certain wallpaper.

The average cost of a standard-size high-quality wallpaper is about Ksh. 1,500.

There are different types of wallpaper designs and prices. Wallpaper design prices in Kenya vary a lot. For instance, a standard size of 53 centimetres by 9.5 metres may cost about Ksh.800. 

You can’t fail to get 3D wallpapers in Nairobi. They come in different designs, colours, and textures. However, the price of 3D wallpaper in Kenya is about Ksh. 2,000 per square meter.

After purchasing the wallpapers, you will need wallpaper installation in Kenya. The installation is done by experts who are trained to conduct that particular job. It is recommended that you get expert help from the company you purchased the product from. 


I believe that every answer to your question was appropriately provided. Let me also hope that this review was helpful to you and now you have clear ideas on wallpapers. So what is stopping you from buying the product? 

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