Where to Print T-shirts in Nairobi Kenya Right Now

Logically, clothes are among the basic needs. We have different types of clothes each with different prices as well as purposes. However, our main focus is on T-shirts. There are two categories of t-shirts, the printed ones and the plain ones.

When it comes to advertisements, plain t-shirts are printed to make them play that role. Take an example of a brand where it prints t-shirts for them to advertise. The brand will be very popular since almost everyone has seen it.

You may be having a desire to at least print a t-shirt but are not sure where to begin from. Well, if that is the case, then worry less since this review got you covered. This take as to the question, where to print t-shirts in Nairobi, Below is five places where you can get your t-shirt printed.

5 Places to Print T-shirts in Nairobi

T-shirt printing Nairobi can be done in the following mentioned places;

  1. Pawprint Kenya.
  2. Eshu Creatives.
  3. Tshirt Printing & Branding Services Nairobi, Kenya.
  4. Frannah T-shirt shop.
  5. Edan Arts Printing shop.

How much does it cost to print a t-shirt in Nairobi? that could be your next question. Well, t-shirt printing prices vary depending on the type of print you want or the one offering that given service. However, the printing price begins from as low as Ksh.150 onwards.

T-shirt Printing as a Business

If you want to print a lot of t-shirts, then consider buying plain t-shirts in wholesale. Get a good t-shirt for sale in Kenya at places like Mitumba Clothes, Kongowea Market, Rolis Clothing, and Frannah T-shirt shop. You will realize that you will be able to get them at cheaper prices. As a result, you will sell them and notice massive profits after getting them printed.

Finding T-shirt printing near you is also another great idea you can think of. This will help you in terms of saving on transportation costs and also time thus maximizing profits.

For business purposes, you can print t-shirts for campaign purposes as this will help the political parties with the advertisements during the campaigns. Secondly, you can print t-shirts for employees as part of their uniforms.

Benefits of Branded T-shirts

Get branded t-shirts in Kenya today and you can stand a chance to be a brand ambassador. Alternatively, if you have a small company, society, or even organization, you can consider getting branded t-shirts for the case of mobilization.

Kenya t-shirts in  Nairobi are sold at very affordable prices. The t-shirts are of very good quality and they symbolize unity. Get yourself a Kenya t-shirt without hesitation.


There are so many t-shirt printing in Nairobi, find the one nearest to where you are and get yourself a printed t-shirt. The article has outlined where to print t-shirts and the minimum amount charged to print a single t-shirt. Now that you have some knowledge on the topic, then nothing should stop you from printing the t-shirts.

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