Aeronautical Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Aeronautical Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Aeronautical Engineering is a technical course that deals with manufacturing of aircrafts and spacecraft testing. Qualified Aeronautical Engineers can also supervise research projects on missiles and satellites, efficiently.

As a result, aeronautical engineers salary in Kenya is often high. Theses engineers are well paid as their expertise in the field is essential for the successes of a hiring organization.

Besides, it is worth remembering that the engineers salary In Kenya is often increased by 7% after every 29 months until a certain fixed upper limit is attained based on an organization.

Thus, the longer an engineer serves in their area of specification, the more the chance of accumulating handsome amounts.

So, how much does an aeronautical engineer earn in Kenya? The salary of Aeronautical Engineering in Kenya can range from a minimum of Ksh. 77,000 to a maximum of Ksh. 157,000, inclusive of the allowances.

Aeronautical Engineering Salary In Kenya per month can vary from one individual to the other. The difference with the earnings may depend on several aspects such as;

  • Educational level,
  • Period of service (ranking) area of specialist,
  • Experience and exposure
  • The need to maintain a particular engineer.

Aeronautical Engineering Training in Kenya

The Kenyan higher learning institutions have enough resources and facilities to train aeronautic engineers. At the end of the day, the students are able to design and maintain projects concerning aero crafts.

All that is required other than grade qualification are critical thinking, problem solving skills, business skills, and analytical skills among others. 

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Salary In Kenya ranges from Ksh. 77,000 to Ksh. 91,000 per month.

As one advances education level and work experience, the higher chances of commanding a high salary beyond the average.

Aeronautic Engineering Jobs in Kenya

Some of the Aeronautical Engineering employers in the aircraft industry you can consider checking for a aeronautical job vacancy include but not limited to:

1. Kenya Airports Authority

2. Wilson Airport

3. Kenya Airways

4. Kenya Airforce

5. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

6. Astral Aviation Limited


Aeronautical Engineering Salary In Kenya is an encouraging tool for one to invest in the course. Although the course is demanding and hectic, the returns have proven that its worth considering.

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