Mechatronic Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Mechatronic Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Invention of various Technologies in the modern world has led to creation of various careers including Mechatronic Engineering.

In order to be on the same page, I will start by defining what is mechatronic engineering? Mechatronic Engineering is a branch of engineering that majors on the integration of mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering systems by combination of robotics, electronic computers and telecommunication systems.

Being a technical career, engineers are well paid. In fact, a mechatronic engineer salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.144,000 per month including all allowances.

These engineering earnings highly varies depending on the education level, work experience, location, gender, among other factors.

Marketability Of Mechatronic Engineering

Is Mechatronic Engineering marketable in Kenya? Yes, mechatronic engineering is a highly marketable course in Kenya especially is you have mastered your skills well and you are an expert.

Highly skilled personnel attract lucrative high paying jobs with many payable allowanced.

You may also wish to know, is mechatronic engineering in demand? Yes. Mechatronic Engineering is in high demand in the modern world due to more invention of technologies.

Besides, few people are aware about this course and therefore there is scarce mechatronic services. You then benefit in the diverse job opportunities for this field.

Mechatronic Engineering Job Opportunities In Kenya

Mechatronic Engineering Vacant jobs in Kenya include:

1. Mechatronic Engineering at Ritepak.

2. Field Service Engineer at Summit Recruitment and Research in Nairobi.

3. Senior Mechatronic Engineer at Afri Consult Recruitment in Nairobi.

4. Field Service Mechatronic Engineer at Sidel, Nairobi.

5. Mechatronic Engineer at NITA Industrial Training & Skills Development.

6. Industrial Mechatronic Trainee at GIZ TVET Project.

7. Automotive Mechatronics Trainee at GIZ TVET Project, Nairobi.

8. Technical Sales Manager at Summit Recruitment Search.

9. Water and Sanitation Mechatronic Engineer, Nairobi.

10. Mombasa Water supply and Sanitation Company -Mechatronic engineer.

11. Mechatronic Engineer at Reeds Africa.

12. Make an early application to secure a good job.


Mechatronic Engineering has enhanced life in the technological field producing efficient work at a shorter duration. Besides, the career is among the high paying engineering jobs in Kenya that brings about a promising future. Enroll for a Mechanical Engineering course for a better tomorrow.

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