Assistant Chief Salary In Kenya | New Payscale Update

Assistant Chief Salary In Kenya | New Payscale Update

An assistant chief has a responsibility to provide assistance to the chief in administration, development, coordination and implementation of departmental procedures, policies and activities.

These officers are tasked with preventing crime, arbitrating in disputes in their jurisdiction, sensitizing residents about government programmes among other duties.

Your question may be what is an assistant chief salary in Kenya? The salary of a assistant chief in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 25,000 – Ksh. 47,000 which is the current salary of assistant chief In Kenya

Similarly, if you still wonder what is the basic salary of assistant chief per month know that the basic salary of Assistant chief per month. An assistant chief basic salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 25,000- Ksh. 47,000.

Assistant Chief Allowances In Kenya

Assistant chief allowances can be Ksh. 7,000.

Qualification Of Assistant Chief In Kenya

You cannot be an assistant chief without meeting some qualifications. Here are some of the qualifications of assistant chief in Kenya;

  1. Possess good communication skills
  2. Must come from the sublocation of interest
  3. A person of integrity who commands respect

Salary Of Chief In Kenya

Now that you know the assistant chief payslip, you may be interested to know how much does a Kenyan chief earn per month? I will go straight by providing you with an answer. A Kenyan Chief earns about Ksh. 40,000. The highest chief here in Kenya earns up to Ksh. 70,000.

Were the responses helpful to you? I guess they were. At least you have an idea about whatever you were looking for.

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