Village Administration Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Village Administration Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Administration forms the basis of smooth flow of activities in any environment. Administration Committee involves various leaders who help in administering various activities in a firm.

In Kenya, we have village administrator who are sometimes referred as town administrator.

Have you ever wondered what is a village administrator? Village administrator in Kenya is an executive official of the village who is responsible for proper administration of all village affairs.

Village Administrator Salary

Town administrator salary is similar to a village administrator salary. A village administrator salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.74,998 per month including all allowances such as housing, medical, and other benefits. Town administration is the same as Village administration.

Salary For A Ward Administrator In Kenya

Ward administrator is responsible for supervising and managing the general administrative functions in the ward unit.

Are you curious to know how much does a ward administrator earn? A ward administrator earns an average of Ksh.78,000 per month which is inclusive of all allowances.

Village Administrator Mandera County

There is a job vacancy for a village administrator in Mandera. Village administrators III at Mandera County are required therefore one can apply for the job before it’s too late. It is a full time job based on administration.

Busia County Village Administrators

Busia County administration was reshuffled creating more opportunities for Village administrators. This is a job opportunity in Kenya that any individual who qualifies secures a good job.

Roles Of Village Administrator

So, what are the responsibilities of a village administrator? Functions of village administrator include:

1. Aid in developing and implementing activities to empower communities.

2. Implement policies and plans at the village.

3. Co ordinate general administrative functions and provision of services in the village.

4. Monitor and report on infrastructure and public facility status.

5. Mobilizing and educating residents to participate in development projects.

6. Perform other functions given to them by supervisors.


In brief, Village administration has brought more good than harm in the Kenyan politics. Many projects in towns are able to be attended to due to facilitation by Village Administrators. In addition, it is a high paying job that one can apply for.

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