Woman Representative Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

Woman Representative Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

The issue on gender biasness has always been discouraged. For instance male chauvinism has never been a good thing. Women also need to have a say in the society since they are human beings too.

A woman representative is a member of the Kenya National Assembly, who represents a county in a seat reserved for a female member.

Maybe you are asking yourself can a man be a woman representative in Kenya. No. the seat is reserved for female gender only.

Women representative salary in Kenya is Ksh. 710,000 per month. That is the clear figure of a woman rep salary in Kenya.

Role of Woman Representative

Are you looking for what is the role of a woman representative. A woman representative plays a major role like promoting the interests of girls and women and supporting policies that favor the female gender.

Woman representative in Kenya is there to ensure that rights of girls are adhered to. A woman representative is also there to make sure that gender equality is provided.

For instance, Nairobi woman representative is in charge of representing and addressing issues of women in Nairobi county.

Qualifications of a Woman Rep in Kenya

Here are some qualifications of a woman rep in Kenya;

1.  Must be a Kenyan Citizen,

2. Be a registered voter,

3. Be nominated by a political party,

4. Not hold dual citizenship.


The article has summarized all about a woman representative in very few words. If you admire to become a woman representative in your area, then you should.

Enhancing gender equality is one of the best thing one can do. So if it has been your aim all along to help women and girls in general just take a chance.

Let me hope that this article was of great help to you. In addition, I hope the answers that were provided to you were relevant you the questions you asked.

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