President Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

President Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

Execution and enforcement of the laws created by the congress is done by the President who is also the head of state and head of the government.

A president being highest in the political world performs a lot of task for the citizens and the country at large.

Are you wondering what is the president’s salary? A president basic salary in Kenya is Ksh.1,850,000 per month exclusive of all allowances. When all monthly allowances are included, president salary per month becomes Ksh.3,205,000.

President Bodyguard Salary In Kenya

President bodyguard does not perform the security task but instead he gives the president the dignity and the honors. He mainly salutes and stand behind the president.

President bodyguard salary in Kenya is Ksh.920,000 including all monthly allowances such as sitting allowances.

President Driver Salary In Kenya

President is always driven by a chauffer whose main role is to drive the president in all job trips.

President driver earns an average of Ksh.709,000 including all monthly allowances.

Deputy President Salary In Kenya

A Deputy President is the principal assistant of the president who deputize the execution of the Kenyan laws.

Are you prying to know how much is the Deputy president of Kenya paid? The Deputy President of Kenya earns an average of Ksh.1,480,000 on a monthly basis including all monthly allowances.

Retired President Salary In Kenya

A retired President is the president who has completed his or her ruling term.

Retired President in Kenya earns Ksh.2,000,000 per month including all the retirement benefits.

University President Salary In Kenya

University President ensures effective academic program and leadership in that respective learning institution.

University President earns an average of Ksh.16,000 to Ksh.30,000 per month.

Tanzania President Salary In Kenya

Tanzania is a state that is led by a president.

Tanzania President earns an average of Ksh.1,400,000 per month including all monthly allowances.

Uganda President Salary

Uganda is also ruled by the President who takes part in basic activities of ensuring the country is in good political state.

Uganda President salary is roughly Ksh.1,300,000 per month including all monthly allowances.

Highest Paid Person In Kenya

Have you ever wondered who is the most paid person in Kenya? The most paid person in Kenya is is the head of the government, the president. Kenyan president is also among the well paid president in the world.

Qualifications For President In Kenya

For one to qualify as a Kenyan President, he or she must:

1. Be a Kenyan citizen by birth.

2. Elected as a Member of Parliament.

3. Nominated by a political party or stand as an independent candidate.

4. Candidate should be nominated by more than two thousand voters in twenty four counties.

5. Being a public officer is not applicable to the incumbent president.


To summarize, the president plays a major role in the country that majorly benefits the citizens. Besides, the president’s salary in Kenya has been increased by a higher percentage due to the heavy tasks that they perform.

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