Best Radio Stations In Kenya Today | The Most Listened

Best Radio Stations In Kenya Today | Most Listened

Majority of the Kenyan citizens own radios in their homes. This means radio stations are the most used stations that give news to majority of citizens in the country.

Besides, there are radio stations that are specifically used for entertainment mainly through music.

Despite having vary many stations, there are top radio stations in Kenya that many people listen to.

This is due to their rich content that they present to millions of people out there.

The best radio stations in Kenya is Radio Citizen.

Besides, the most listened radio station in Kenya in the current century is Radio citizen with a high percentage of 67% listeners in the whole country.

Many people prefer Radio citizen due to the valid news on a daily basis. They also entertain their audience with various staff such as music.

Top 10 Most Listened Radio Stations In Kenya

I hope you have gotten the top 10 most listened radio stations in Kenya that make them the best country wide.

1. Radio Citizen.

2. Radio Jambo.

3. Radio Maisha.

4. Kameme FM.

5. Milele FM.

6. Classic 105.

7. Radio Taifa.

8. Ramogi FM.

9. Musyi FM.

10. Kass FM.

Best Music Radio Stations In Kenya

There are several radio stations that have specialized in entertaining its audience through music. Majority believe in the power of music as a stress reliever.

1. Classic 105.

2. Kiss FM.

3. Radio Jambo.

4. Capital FM.

5. Hot 96.

6. NRG Radio.

7. Radio Maisha.

In case you feel like being entertained with music tune these channels and your needs will be met.


To sum up, radio stations play vital roles in Kenya as they serve people of various backgrounds. The rich and the poor are all updated in terms of news within and outside the country.

This makes a radio a highly recognized technology in the country that serves the majority.

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