Luo Radio Stations In Kenya With Frequencies | Best Only

Luo Radio Stations In Kenya With Frequencies | Best Only

Luo is among the local vernaculars in Kenya that is spoken by Kenyan citizens.

It is an interesting language that one would wish to know due to its simplicity in understanding.

Local vernaculars are very important as they act as a form of identity in the community at large.

These stations also shows some privacy as only that tribe will understand their language and not others.

Luo’s have been catered for by having their radio station that specifically presents all its items in Luo.

This helps even the grandparents who don’t understand the national language to know the whereabouts in the country as well as enhance the existence of the culture.

Best Luo Radio Stations With Frequencies

Luo radio stations in Kenya and their frequencies include:

1. Ramogi FM

The best Luo radio station is Ramogi FM which turns out to be the most listened Luo radio station in Kenya. The station has a higher percentage of Dholuo listeners.

Many praise the radio station as it is very clear in every part of the country unlike other Luo radio stations which may not be clear in other regions.

Besides,it has a lot of content that I precisely needed by the audience.

More frequencies for Ramogi FM based on your location include:

Ramogi FM Nairobi 107.1FM

Ramogi FM Kisumu 107.6 FM

Ramogi FM Migori 95.4FM and 98.6FM

Ramogi FM Mombasa 99.2FM

Ramogi FM Nakuru 95.4 FM

Ramogi FM Siaya 98.4 FM

Ramogi FM Homabay 97.0FM

3. Radio Lake Victoria – 92.2 FM.

4. Mayienga FM- 93.5FM.

5. Radio Nam Lolwe-97.3 FM.

Luo Radio Station And Their Owners

You may also desire to know Luo radio stations and their respective owners. I will enlighten you by showing you the radio station and the owner.

1.Radio Nam Lolwe is owned by Odinga Family.

2.Ramogi FM is owned by SK. Macharia.

3.Radio Lake Victoria is owned by Jakoyo Midiwo.

4.Radio Sky is owned by Anyang’ Nyong’o.

5.Dala FM is owned by Sam Ochola.

6.Mayienga FM is owned by the Government of Kenya.


In conclusion, Luo radio station has catered for the Luo tribe in Kenya helping them enjoy their mother tongue language.Besides,they are also entertained with their music which many Kenyans believe in since they use Luo songs in various ceremonies such as weddings.

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