How To Start A TV Show In Kenya Easily Now

How To Start A TV Show In Kenya Easily Now

Televisions have become the most popular sources of entertainment all over the world. Televisions plays a very great role in the society. Through televisions, a lot of people have been able to get employed.

Education has also been made easier via televisions through learning programs. In addition, due to advanced technology, televisions have ended up being fitted in vehicles and in planes.

Starting a TV show of your own is a very interesting journey you can venture into. For you to start a show, this is how to start a TV show in Kenya:

Step 1: Write a script for your show

Step 2: Buy the required equipment to record your show

Step 3: Recruit actors and actresses

Step 4: Do some rehearsals

Step 5: Shoot the show

Step 6: Find a broadcasting television to showcase your show

Step 7: If you want to also own the TV channel itself, get licensing.

Visit communications authority of Kenya website Check under licensing and apply for your license. The cost of you license depends on whether its free to air, or subscription television.

Cost To Start A TV Station

You may want to know how much it costs to start a TV station in Kenya. You can start a TV station in Kenya with as low as Ksh. 3, 300, 800. This amount of money will enable you get the relevant television equipment set up and licensing.

Cost To Start A TV Channel

How much does it cost to start a TV channel in Kenya is an average of at least Ksh. 800,000 to cater for basic expenses for a show production that has several episodes. That also answers the question on How much investment needed to start a TV channel.

Up to this point, I am very sure that you have a clue or rather answers to the questions you were looking for. Let me believe that this article was of great help to you.  

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