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It is always every ones dream to make their house look good isn’t it? Due to technological advancements, unlike the past where people used chip boards as their ceilings, nowadays there is the use of gypsum ceiling. The ceilings are very attractive and worth their price.

When you walk into new homes or rather new built houses, they take gypsum ceiling as their option. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are well off, no. It’s just all about beauty and quality.

The cost of gypsum ceiling in Kenya ranges from Ksh.2,000 to Ksh.3,500 per square meter.

Gypsum ceiling materials include filler, timber, plywood, concrete, adhesive, coating, wood, building materials, plaster, mineral wool and cement among others.

Key Features of Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum ceiling have several outstanding features as listed below:

  • They are very easy to install.
  • They are durable. The materials used are strong and are of high quality.
  • They are economical. For example the installation fee is low.
  • Enhances sound isolation by controlling sound transmission.
  • They are resistance to fire.

Types of Gypsum Ceiling & Their Prices

  • Flowered ceiling boards price in Kenya whose dimensions are 8ft × 4ft × 9mm cost Ksh.1,200.
  • Water resistant gypsum board price in Kenya is about Ksh.850 to Ksh.1,400 for regular type.
  • Cornice is made from a gypsum plaster core which is encased in a white paper lining .Gypsum cornice price in Kenya costs Ksh. 135 per 4 inch.
  • 12mm gypsum board price in Kenya is Ksh.1,400. You can purchase the boards just for the sake of partitioning from your nearest Gypsum selling store.


The cost of gypsum ceiling in Kenya might be a little higher compared to other types of ceiling boards because of the materials used. They are however the best in quality and they also have longer durability. The maintenance cost of gypsum ceiling is also affordable. Good luck in purchasing your gypsum ceiling and the installation.

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