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It is almost everyone’s dream to stay in a clean environment and in a big house. A big house makes someone feel secure and more comfortable.

Safety is one of the reasons people end up building well-furnished permanent houses.

It is very difficult to find a guy who is interested in living in poor houses yet they have the capability of affording better places.

You may want to be in that position of knowing the cost of building a 4 bedroom maisonette in Kenya.

If that has been your dream all along, then I am going to give you ideas about the budget of the construction.

Are you searching for how much does a maisonette cost? The cost of building a 4 bedroom maisonette in Kenya is approximately Ksh. 7.5 million on average for a 150sq meters house being charged at an average rate of Ksh. 50,000 per square meter.

Factors Influencing Construction Cost

The cost of construction may however vary due to a variety of factors. Some of these factors may be the

1. The nature of the land

2. Distance from the raw materials

3. Actual dimension of the building

4. The construction equipment to use

Before beginning your construction, you need to hire quantity surveyors. They will help in terms of accurate measurements and estimations.

For you to be in a safer place, just find a qualified quantity surveyor for the estimations.

When building a house in wet lands, then there is need for a strong foundation.

The foundation will help the house be strong thus the nature of the land cant cause distributions. In addition, look for qualified engineers so that you can get quality services.


I am hopeful that you have the greenlight of where to start from. Let me also hope that the article was of great importance to you and that you got all the answers to your questions.

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