Cost of Used Toyota Ractis in Kenya | New Affordable Price

The name Ractis is derived from “Run“, “Activity“, and “Space“. The Toyota Ractis is affordable and very spacious thus the best car for a family. However, if you are that kind of person who loves long vehicles for road trips, then the Toyota Ractis is the very best option for you.

Toyota Ractis is among the best cars that the Toyota company has ever manufactured. The design itself is very stunning and attractive. Toyota Ractis is also very economical in terms of fuel consumption. You don’t have to spend a lot on fuel as compared to other vehicles.

The vehicle is also very powerful and can cover longer distances without breakage. It has an engine capacity of about 1,496cc. This engine capacity is what makes it very powerful. It also has a drive type of AWD/FF. As you can see from the few listed specs, the vehicle doesn’t disappoint.

Having known all this, then how much does a used Toyota Ractis really cost in Kenya?

The cost of used Toyota Ractis in Kenya starts from as low as Ksh.800,000.

Toyota Ractis Price in Mombasa

Toyota Ractis price in Mombasa Kenya varies due to some factors. For instance, newer models will be expensive than older models.

The price of Toyota Ractis in Mombasa is about Ksh.1,400,000.

That is the same price for Toyota Ractis in Nairobi too.

The new model of Toyota Ractis always cost more as compared to older models. This is majorly due to the advanced unique features found in newer models. So which of the two do you prefer?


Buying a used car is not a bad choice as some people always think. The second hand cars come with very many added advantages as compared to the new ones. For example they are very much affordable. In addition, used cars are always very much available to a point where the buyer is always spoilt for choice. I hope this article was helpful, go ahead and purchase a used Toyota Ractis and enjoy.

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