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Economics And Finance Salary In Kenya New Pay

Economist in Kenya play a major role in equalizing the Kenyan economy to reduce overburdening the poor.

Also, economists prepare tables and charts for analysis of the economy, study the production and distribution of resources in all the counties, research and analyze  the economic trends, solve economic issues, among others.

Economics and Finance salary in Kenya varies depending on the education level of a person.

A fresh graduate salary ranges from Ksh 40,000 – Ksh.60,000 per month.

Average degree holders in Economics and finance salary is Ksh.115,000 per month.

Average salary for economists with masters is Ksh.145,000 per month.

A PHD holder in Economics and finance earns an average of Ksh.175,00 monthly.

These salaries include all the allowances.

Allowances For Economics And Finance In Kenya

Allowances are also given to economists to cater for their bills. These allowances are always included in the payslip and they are as follows:

1. House allowance of Ksh.20,000

2. Transport allowances of Ksh.7,000

3. Medical allowance of Ksh.10,000

4. Sitting allowance of Ksh. 10,000

The above allowances are the lowest allowances though it tends to increase with time as one gets more working experience.

Marketability Of Economics And Finance

Analysis shows the most current question in the internet world is, Is Economics and Finance marketable in Kenya? Yes. Economics and Finance course is highly marketable as jobs have increased by a higher percentage of 8% thus more job opportunities for the Economics and Finance in various organizations.

Economics And Finance Jobs In Kenya

1. Research and Financial Communication Analyst.

2. Economics and Investment Strategy advisor.

3. Cooperate sales analyst.

4. Arbitrageur.

5. Financial Market and Treasury Analyst.

6. Risk management Analyst.

7. Capital Market Analyst.


Economics and Finance is more beneficial in the society at large. Secure a high paying job by pursuing Bachelor of Economics and Finance in any institution for a better tomorrow.

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