Records Management Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Records Management Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Keeping records of various activities in the organization is so important for future reference. Also, money is able to be traced on how it was spent to avoid bankruptcy in future.

Records managers make records thus enhancing the success in the organization.

Have you ever wondered how much does a records manager earn? Records manager salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.312,000 per month plus all allowances.

Also, these earnings may vary based on work experience and the education level, and work experience.

Archives And Records Management Salary In Kenya

Maintain evidence and information about the business activities and all the transactions in form of records.

Archives and Records Management Salary ranges from as low as Ksh.28,000 to as high as Ksh.380,000 per month.This includes all monthly allowances.

Arising question in this sector is records management a good career? Yes, records management is a promising career with various job opportunities attached to it plus high salaries per month.

Records Officer Jobs In Kenya

Some of the records officer jobs you can apply now include:

1. Records Management Officer at Business Registration Service.

2. Records management internships and job vacancies that are available include:

3. Health Records Information Officer at St. Bridget Hospital.

4. Records Management Officer at KDIC.

5. Medical Records Officer at Corporate Staffing, Nairobi.

6. Health Records and information officer at Marie Stopes Hospital.

7. Health Records Information Officer at Canon Medical Hospital.

8. Records Officer at Kenya Power Pension Fund (KPPF).

 Government Records Management Jobs

Vacancies in records management in the government include:

a. Records Management Officer II at National Police Service Commission, Nairobi.

b. Supervisor-Records management at Kenya Revenue Authority.

c. Senior Records Management Officer at National Council For Population And Development.

d. Kitui County Records Management Officer.

e. Records clerk at Kirinyaga University.

f. Technical Records Officer at Kenya Airways.

g. Nakuru County Records Management Officer.


Records management jobs salary is relatively high recently due to the increased living standards in the modern world. Also, records management tasks is done based on perfections in order to achieve the best as an organization.

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