Economics And Statistics Salary In Kenya | Latest

Economics And Statistics Salary In Kenya Latest

Economics is one of the major issues that Kenya as a country is trying to adjust so as to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.

Statistics is also part of the tools that is used in the economy to determine various things such as tax to be charged on every citizen.

Economy is driven forward by the people who studied business courses such as Economics and Statistics.

Economics and statistics salary in Kenya is well paying. The starting salary for staticians in Kenya is Ksh.108,000. This is an average salary including all the Allowances. This salary is not always stagnant as it is always increased to as high as Ksh.450,000 based on the work experience, the education level and the place of work.

Marketability Of Economics And Statistics In Kenya

The question behind this course is “Is Bachelor of Economics and Statistics marketable?” Yes, this is a highly marketable course in Kenya as it is an all round course.

An added advantage about this course is that one can either work as an economist or a statitician.

Also, one can work in any relevant place making it more marketable than any other business course.

Immediately after graduation, majority of the candidates are absorbed by different organizations in and out of the country thus reduces unemployment rate in Kenya.

Economics And Statistics Job Opportunities In Kenya

Economics and Statistics is a more flexible career unlike pure economics which requires specialization.

One can work as:

1. Statistics Officer job in the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

2. Accountant in financial organizations.

3. Banker in various banks such as KCB bank.

4. Data Analyst in Kenyatta University Referral and Research Hospital.

5. Investment Analyst in the various companies such as Kenya Breweries.

6. Financial Consultant in Nyamira County Government.

7. Macroeconomics modelling analyst is done in banks.

8. Economic researcher in the county government.

9. Economics planner in the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

10. Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute.

Economics And Statistics Attachments In Kenya

Attachments are done by students before graduating. The above job places can also be a good place to seek attachment.

Other places where Economics and Statistics students can do their attachments include:

a. Kenya Revenue Authority Land Economics Industrial Attachments.

b. Project department in the Kenya Trade Network Agency.

c. Mercy Corps Agency.

d. Business Support Applications in Nairobi.

e. Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) as economics strengthening attachment.


In conclusion, Economics and Statistics has brought more good to the society at large. Also, it is among the high paying careers in Kenya.

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