Enforcement Officer Salary In Kenya | New Payment

Enforcement Officer Salary In Kenya | New Payment

Kenya is a highly populated country which requires officers who enforce the Kenyan laws to ensure the country at large is in peace and order.

Local authorities, civil enforcement agencies and county courts have employed Enforcement Officers who mainly focus on law maintenance.

To understand this profession better, you may wish to know a brief overview of what are the duties of Enforcement Officer? The enforcement officer duties include:

1. Drafting Charge sheets.

2. Marking and preserving exhibits.

3. Giving evidence in court.

4. Recording statements.

5. Performing customer care desk duties.

6. Collecting and disseminating information.

Based on salaries, several questions about Enforcement officers are asked including; what is the salary of Enforcement Officer? An Enforcement Officer salary in Kenya per month ranges from Ksh.30,000 to Ksh.55,209 inclusive of allowances.

County Enforcement Officer Salary In Kenya

The officers are employed by the county courts. They major in performing duties in a specific county.

County Enforcement officer salary in Kenya is Ksh.46,904 per month.This is an average monthly salary with all allowances being inclusive.

Enforcement Officer II Salary In Kenya

Enforcement Officer II salary range is Ksh.33,400 to Ksh.45,000 per month.

The Enforcement Officer 2 in Kenya have responsibilities such as:

1. Supervising a team of Enforcement in the jurisdictated area.

2. Maintaining proper records relating to enforcement work.

3. Implementing law enforcement on citizens

Enforcement Officer PSC

Enforcement Officer Public Service Commission (PSC) plays a key role in enforcing laws, standards and regulations in the area of jurisdiction.

Enforcement Officer PSC earns a monthly salary of Ksh.50,000 plus all the allowances that they benefit.


To sum up, Enforcement Officers in Kenya are performing their duties to a maximum level that is easily recognized by all Kenyans. Also, their salaries are paid without delays thus Enforcement Officer is a good job in Kenya.

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