Regional Commissioner Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Regional Commissioner Salary In Kenya | New Pay

A regional commissioner is a person who has powers to transfer case from one court to another. A regional commissioner also disposes lands and properties belonging to the state. That is who a regional commissioner is in few words.

Also, these commissioners deal with income tax issues around the region.

You may be asking How much are commissioners paid in Kenya. A regional commissioner salary in Kenya is an average rangeof Ksh. 60,000 to Ksh.650,000 per month.

Assistant County Commissioner Salary

What is the salary of an assistant county commissioner. The salary of an assistant county commissioner ranges from Ksh. 30,000 to Ksh. 40,000 per month. Additionally, a house allowance of Ksh.4,000 – Ksh. 10,000 is included.

County Commissioners Salary In Kenya

The work of County Commissioner in Kenya. County commissioner has a duty of ensuring that there is security of assets and government property.

County commissioner qualifications needs one to be having a bachelor’s degree in any social science or a qualification in a university recognized in Kenya.

County commissioner are paid based on job group they qualify.

For instance, a county commissioner with job group ‘R’ earns a salary ranging from Ksh. 110,000 to Ksh.145,000.

Deputy Commissioner Kenya

A deputy commissioner in Kenya does duties to help the county commissioner in running day to day activities.

Some of the roles of deputy county commissioner in Kenya;

1. Inventory and assets management,

2. Planning and maintaining security,

3. General office administration,

4. Supervising tasks.

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