CID Kenya Salary New Pay With Allowances

CID Kenya Salary New Pay With Allowances

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is a branch of Kenyan Police Force that is concerned with finding out who exactly has committed a crime. They mainly do their investigations in a private manner that even the regular citizens cannot identify who they really are.

CID secret investigation is facilitated by them not putting on any military uniform.

Example of serious cases that C.I.D tend to investigate include but not limited to:

1. Burglaries.

2. Murder cases.

3. Frauds.

4. Serious Assaults.

5. Robberies.

6. Sexual offences.

How much is a CID paid in Kenya? CID salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.158,000 per month. This C.I.D salary in Kenya includes all the allowances that they benefit.

Allowances for CIDs In Kenya

Directorate of Criminal Investigation are given allowances at the end of every month which increases their net salary. Some of the allowances given to them include:

1. Risk allowances of Ksh.30,000.

2. House allowance of Ksh.15,000.

3. Family Separation Allowance of Ksh.20,000.

4. Medical Allowance of ksh.20,000.

5. Hardship allowances of ksh.10,588.

The above allowances are always included in the payslip.

C.I.D Ranks In Kenya

According to Officer’s ranks in the Criminal Investigation Department, the CID ranks include:

a. Inspectors.

b. Sub-inspectors.

c. Superintendents.

CID Department In Kenya

Also, CID has specific departments such as:

1. Bank Frauds.

2. Dog Squad.

3. Human Rights Department.

4. Anti-human trafficking.

5. Fingerprint Bureau.

6. Anti-terrorism wing.

7. Anti-narcotic Cells.


Requirements To Join DCI In Kenya

There are conditions that one must fulfill before he/she to join the Directorate of Criminal Investigation. Some of the qualifications include:

1. Minimum grade of C in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

2. Have no criminal records.

3. Have a National Identity Card.

4. Must be a degree holder of either pure scinces, social sciences or applied sciences.

5. Must have tested or proven the passion in investigations.


Criminal Investigation Department is a tough career that requires passion and determination for one to become a successful detector in this department. In addition, Directorate of Criminal Investigation earn more salary per month making one rich in the society.

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