Private Investigator Salary In Kenya | New Pay With Allowances

Private Investigator Salary In Kenya | New Pay With Allowances

Some crimes need private investigators who will help to gather concrete evidence in court and give due justice to the offended. Private investigators have really helped the majority in chipping in in various crime cases.

Private investigators also known as private detectives are mainly hired by individuals, specific groups or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and they mainly work for attorneys in civil and criminal cases.

Do private investigators make a lot of money? Yes, private investigators make a lot of money. Besides, the private investigator salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.165,890 monthly salary that includes all the benefit packages.

Furthermore, the salary can increase based on advanced work experience and the type of law firm that one is working for.  

Private Investigator Allowances In Kenya

Allowances are given to private investigators to cater for their expenses. These allowances include:

1. Commuter allowances of Ksh.10,000

2. Medical allowance of Ksh.33,000.

3. Hardship allowances of Ksh.15,000.

4. Housing allowances of ksh.22,550.

5. Project allowances of ksh.20,000.

6. Overtime allowances of Ksh.7,500.

These allowances are always included in their payslips.

Private Investigator Requirements In Kenya

If you are wondering how to become a private investigator in Kenya, here are some of the requirements needed:

1.  Meet minimum conditions  such as 18years and above,be a Kenyan citizen, have no criminal records, have a National Identity Card, among others.

2. Obtain a degree or a diploma in Bachelor in Criminal justice or any other related course.

3. Undergo thorough training on firearms and non weapons self defense

4. Obtain a private investigator license.

5. Pass licensing exams that is based on criminal laws.

6. Quality on background checks.

7. Maintaining the acquired license.


On the whole, Private investigators have brought more good in the criminal department  as they mainly help in obtaining concrete evidence and holding captive of the real culprit. Besides, they earn more monthly salary thus improving their living standards.

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