Firefighter Salary In Kenya | New Updates

Firefighter Salary In Kenya | New Updates

Fire has been the biggest calamity that befalls any Organization, Household, among others. Fire is caused by various things such as:

1. Faults in electrical wiring.

2. Careless smoking.

3. Careless use of Candles and lantern.

4. Children playing with fire.

5. Heating equipment.

6. Fallen oil tanker

Hazardous fire that threaten life, property and environment at large calls upon the firefighters who helps to extinguish the fire with their fire fighting equipment.

So how much does a firefighter earn in Kenya? A fire fighter salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh.12,300 to Ksh.64,000 per month.

Besides, a fire brigade salary in Kenya vary depending on the firm that one is working for, work experience, gender and ranks.

Requirements To Join Firefighters In Kenya

How do I become a firefighter in Kenya? For one to become a firefighter in Kenya, you should pass the minimum qualifications below:

a. Have a highschool diploma or GED.

b. Enhance studies by having a degree in fire science.

c. Meet basic requirements such as being 18years old and above.

d. Have good physical condition.

e. Prove fiscal responsibility.

f. Pass written exams.

g. Prepare for a psychological evaluation.

h. Graduate a fire academy.

i. Pass the interview.

Firefighter Training School In Kenya

Various learning institutions have specialized in offering fire fighting trainings to students at affordable fees. Such institutions include:

1. International Center of Technology, Thika.

2. Eldoret Aviation Training Institute, Eldoret.

3. Eldoret Technical Training Institute, Eldoret.

4. ICT College Thika.

Firefighters Jobs In Kenya

Various vacant jobs are available. You can secure a job in the following areas:

a. Security Officer-Kenya Training Institute, Nairobi.

b. Fire Officer III-Nairobi City County Public Service Board.

c. Disaster management officer -Nairobi City County Public Service Board.

d. Service Engineer-Cooperative Bank Kenya.

e. Respond to emergency calls connect hoses to truck-Nairobi County.

f. Laundry Officer-Kenya Airways.

g. Fire Officer I-Nairobi City County Public Service Board.


Firefighters are of big help in extinguishing hazardous fire that causes harm to the society at large. Besides, firefighting is a good job that is worth studying as it majors on saving lives and property.

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