Recce Squad Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

Recce Squad Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

Recce Squad is one of Kenya’s most feared special forces, employed solely for special missions. The brave policemen are notorious for confronting targets square in the face, leaving no room for counterattack.

They also work to ensure that all survivors are evacuated securely and quickly.

So, what does recce squad mean? Recce squad Kenya is an elite paramilitary unit of the General Service Unit.

Recce squad is one of the most feared forces in Kenya that are chosen from the GSU recruits and they are only assigned to perform special duties.

In Kenya, the Recce company, commonly referred to as Recce squad, is an elite special unit of the General Service Unit branch of the National Police Service that is based in Ruiru.

Recce squad earns a basic salary of Ksh.35,000 per month. This salary does not include any allowances.

Recce Squad Uniforms

Recce squad uniforms is jungle green and they are always equipped with guns that are loaded with bullets and bullet proofs.

The squad are also given military uniform allowances on a monthly basis.

Recce Squad Qualifications

For one to join Recce squad, one should:

1. Be a member of the General Service Unit (GSU).

2. Have good records and extraordinary capabilities in military.

3. Be a Kenyan Citizen.

4. Must be within the age brackets of 19 to 31 years.

5. Have successfully completed highschool level.

6. Have a Kenyan National Identity Card.

6. Must be a male.

7. Have no criminal record.

8. Have undergone thorough training.

Recce Squad Recruitment

For one to be recruited, one must have fully completed the thorough training.

After training, the best in academic and military performance proceed for further 7 months training for specialization.

Further training is recommended to few officers and is done in countries like Israel and America.

The successful recruits join the rendition operation team.

Recce Squad Training In Israel

The chosen few trainees are accorded to go for further training in Israel so as to become more powerful then return after the training.


Recce squad plays a vital role in ensuring the Kenyan security is top. Due to the further training, they specialize in performing risky tasks. In addition, they are paid a good salary at the end of every month which is paid on time.

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