Flying Squad Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Flying Squad Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Crime cases are always present in any type of population due to different people with different characters in such a structure. These scenarios call upon employment of flying squad so as to ensure security and peace in the respective resident.

What does flying squad mean? A flying squad is a small group of police that is always flexible in terms of movement that carry out special operations such as raids. Flying Squad Performe the following tasks:

1. Arrest suspects.

2. Stabilize the crime scene.

3. Help in preventing crimes.

4. Secure the crime scene before investigation officers arrive.

5. Serve as a backup during policing of major events.

6. Attend to suicide scenes.

7. Provide visible policing.

Are you curious to know how much do flying squad earn in Kenya? Flying squad salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.40,000 including all allowances on a monthly basis.

Flying Squad Uniforms

Flying squad dress up in a jungle green uniform and they carry with them guns that are loaded with bullets.

Their uniforms contain badges on their shoulders that indicate ranks. Flying squad are also given military uniform allowances per month.

Flying Squad Qualifications

Minimum requirements to become join flying squad include:

a. Two years functional policing experience.

b. Code 08 driver’s license.

c. Must be physically and medically fit.

d. Completed tactical training level I and II.

e. Have no criminal records.

f. Have a Kenyan National Identity card.

Flying Squad Recruitment

Flying squad Recruitment takes place once in a year after the president has made a general announcement to the public.

Recruitment occurs after completion of tactical training of both level one and two. One is recruited if he or she has met the minimum requirements.


In brief, Flying Squad has helped in administering fast security to citizens and protecting the public at large due to their swift movements. Also, they earn more allowances which is included in their payslips.

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