Home Solar Lighting System In Kenya

Home Solar Lighting System In Kenya

The high cost of electricity bills in Kenya has resultant in the rising demand for solar energy. Home solar lighting system in Kenya has been a promising investment to significantly reduce power bills in the long run. Besides, Kenya experiences a significant amount of sunshine throughout the year making home solar a viable investment.

Benefits Of Having Home Solar Lighting System

1. Renewable Energy Source

Solar energy is renewable in that it cannot run out like electricity. The sun will always rise and set every day. So, home solar system will always have a constant and a reliable source of energy. Consequently, the solar lighting systems for homes becomes very reliable.

2. Portability

Solar lights, and any other solar systems such as solar water heater or solar powered water pumps are all portable. In case you need to change your residence, or perhaps you have expanded your home, it is very easy to move the home solar system from place to place even with no expertise.

3. Clean Energy

Solar energy is a clean source of energy and safe for home use. Unlike other forms of energy such as the use of kerosene for lighting that emits toxic carbon dioxide gas, solar energy is safe. There is no emission of toxic waste when using home solar lighting system in Kenya.

4. Cost Saving

There is no monthly power bills to pay when you have a home solar lighting system in Kenya. You will greatly save the huge expenses on electricity bills you used to pay to KPLC. Besides, your systems can also be upgraded to cater for all your home energy needs you used to enjoy on electricity.

5. Maintenance Free

Solar lights are maintenance free. In fact, you only need to change your solar battery after at least 5-7 years of consistent use. Dirt accumulation on the solar system can be cleaned once in a while.

6. Safety

Other than being a green energy source, solar power is safe to use since there is minimal power cords running around like for electricity that can easily make on fall. Also, solar lights do not pose the risk of overheating power cords like electricity do to power cords resulting in fire outbreak.

7. Highly Scalable

Solar energy has a multipurpose use. Depending with how much solar power your home solar system can harvest, you can use the solar energy to do power many things.

Multipurpose Use Of Solar Energy

Solar lights:

Solar lights occurs in various types for various uses. Solar lights for indoor and outdoor lighting are beneficial. Other than using indoor home solar lights, common outdoor solar lighting systems you can consider include solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar security lights among others.

Solar water heating system:

Instead of heating water for domestic or commercial use such as in hotels using electricity, solar water heating system are the best alternative. As long as there is sunshine, water will be heating.

Besides, heating water on solar is very economical that heating using electricity. Find out more on types of solar water heating systems in Kenya.

Solar powered radio:

Some solar lights have the capability to play free to air music with a wide coverage of radio stations. Furthermore, some solar lights have Bluetooth enabled device such that you can connect to your phone for a music of your choice and still use the light. Check price of solar powered radio.

Phone charging:

Solar energy can be used for phone charging. Just the way you connect your phone to charge on electricity using a phone charger, when using solar lights, you will only need to use a USB cable.

Solar TV:

Solar TVs are a new technology in Kenya. The TV is now powered using the solar energy instead of using electricity. Solar tv price in Kenya can cost at least Ksh. 6,000 for a 22inch TV, and 32’’ TV can go for Ksh 30,000. Check your desired solar TV prices.

Solar powered water pump:

Roof water pumping and borehole water pumping can be done using solar energy. With a good solar battery, sufficient solar energy can be stored for water pumping purposes.

Solar incubators:

Eggs incubators need to be kept warm enough for the eggs to hatch and require 24/7 warm regulated temperatures. Powering an incubator results in an added electricity bills that you can consider eliminating using solar power.

Besides, in case of power blackout when using electricity, massive losses can be incurred for a farmer using electric powered incubator. No black outs when using solar power. Check prices for solar egg incubators.


Newer technologies in Kenya has made welders able to do welding using solar power. However, you need sufficient battery to store enough power for use in welding. Besides, solar welding auto-darkening eyes protecting shield are available.

In need of home solar system installation for your home solar lighting system, borehole water pump, solar water heater and many more, get connected to an expert.

Disadvantages Of Using Home Solar Lighting System In Kenya

Even though solar power is a promising investment, it still has its own limitation. However, the benefits of installing solar system in Kenya outweighs the limitation. Major limitation of solar system is cost implications.

High initial cost to install solar lighting systems for homes or any other types of solar systems is expensive. Solar systems are expensive. Besides, some systems need technical expertise to install such as the water pump.

However, once the solar system has been installed you enjoy the benefits in the long run. Actually, installing solar system in Kenya is very beneficial since you are not limited to the amount of power to use. The sun is free to all.  

Types Of Home Solar Lighting Systems

Solar lights Nairobi or in whichever county you are in Kenya comes in various variations. Some have more features. Other than lighting some lamps have radio capability. Others are Bluetooth enabled such that you can also play music.

Solar Lamps

Solar lamps commonly known as solar lights or solar lantern is a lamp that uses solar power as the main source of energy. Complete solar light system consists of a small solar panel, a battery, a charge controller and in some an inverter.

Variations Of Solar Lamp

Solar lamps come in various types including but not limited to

a. Solar security lights:

Solar security flood lights surrounding your premises makes lighting effective and deter any possible malicious activity. Also, gate solar lights are good choice for your gate lighting system. Check price for solar security lights.

b. Garden solar lights:

Lighting your entire garden with solar lights not only makes your garden clearly visible but also enhances the beauty of your farm. Garden lights have many other uses to your advantage. Check price for solar garden lights.

c. Solar Street lights:

Street lights can not only be used on the roads but also at home especially if you have a big compound. Erecting solar street lights along the parts leading to various sections of your premises is a good way to enhance movement. Check price of solar street lights.

d. Indoor solar lights

In door solar lights such as Gdlite solar lighting system is the most common in Kenya. The light consists of about 3 bulbs to be hanged indoors, and a portable solar radio. The solar radio has a torch that you can light your way as you move about.

Some solar lamps have inbuilt radio system that you can easily adjust to your preferred radio station. Thus, total solar lamp price varies depending with the number of functionality derived from the solar lamps.

Compare prices of indoor solar lights.

Gdlite solar lighting system price in Kenya can be as low as Ksh. 1500 with minimal basic functionality such as lighting, charging, and radio. As the number of bulbs and functionality of the gdlite solar lighting system increases, the solar light cost increase. Check exact price of Gdlite solar lighting system.

6. Rechargeable Lamps Kenya

Since solar lights rely on the use of solar energy, they are rechargeable using solar. Connecting to charge the rechargeable lamps is very easy as you need to simply plug it without the need of any technical expertise. Check prices of rechargeable solar lamps.

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Wrap Up

Home solar lighting system in Kenya is a promising investment to Kenyans at large. Solar lighting systems for homes is economical in the long run. Besides, solar energy use is highly scalable since you can easily add new solar systems to meet your energy demands. Also, solar power is a free energy from the sun that helps you eliminate monthly costly electric bills.

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