How Long Does Cadet Training Take in Kenya? Roles of Cadets

Let us begin by defining a cadet in Kenya. A cadet is a rank obtained immediately following training in the lanet. Cadets are among the highest-ranking members of Kenya’s government forces. In order to work effectively, the cadets must attend a special cadet training school in Kenya. Academically, they must have a B plain general grade and a C plus in either English or Mathematics.

The cadets are divided into several groups. Training will take a different amount of time for each category. A General Service officer, for example, will study for three years to earn a degree in military science.

It takes a period of about six months to three years for different categories of cadet training to end in Kenya. There are three pillars well known for one to complete the training. The pillars include character development, professional training, and academic development.

On the other hand, police cadet training in Kenya takes about a year on average to complete.

Advantages of Cadet Training in Kenya

Some advantages of being a cadet in Kenya include:

  1. Building confidence.
  2. Developing new skills and gaining qualifications.
  3. Developing teamwork.
  4. Being able to experience new challenges
  5. Promoting equal opportunities.

These are some of the advantages of being a cadet in Kenya. 

Do cadets go to war in Kenya? No. Cadets don’t necessarily go to war. Instead, they are leaders and act as second in command to those who will go to war.

Cadets Roles and Responsibilities

Some roles and responsibilities of a cadet officer in Kenya include:

  1. Training and counseling officers
  2. Supervising flag details.
  3. Developing discipline in the team.

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