How Long Does NHIF Approval Take? Approval Process, Solved!

NHIF is the abbreviation for the National Hospital Insurance Fund. Ever since the government came up with this idea, people have been able to access quality healthcare at very affordable prices. However, one has to pay a monthly or annual fee in order to get the services, failure of which leads to a null NHIF card.

It is very important that one considers taking the cover. After visiting the hospital, the patient will have to wait for NHIF service approval so that the cover can be activated.

NHIF approval takes 30 minutes to 48 hours on average for the NHIF to be approved. When the details are correct, the approval will take the shortest time possible, and the patient will proceed to the next step.

NHIF Approval Process

The NHIF approval process has to be followed before it is declared valid. There, they will closely follow the details of the holder as they fill out the NHIF approval form . Later on, if the details are okay, then the approval will be smooth and quick.

The NHIF coverage limits will differ depending on the hospital visited. The cover limits will be approximately Ksh. 1,200 per day for government hospitals and Ksh. 4,000 per day for high-cost private hospitals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does NHIF cover for surgery?

Per person, it costs about Ksh.500,000 depending on the procedures and the hospital.

What does NHIF cover in private hospitals?

Well, NHIF covers a lot of things, including laboratory examinations, health education, consultation fees, physiotherapy services, and immunization, among others.

Does NHIF cover x-rays?

No, NHIF doesn’t cover x-ray. It, however, covers other procedures like laboratory examinations and health education, among others.

Does NHIF cover maternity services?

Yes. NHIF covers maternity services and caters to a very large percentage.

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