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Soda is among the most preferred soft drinks in both Kenya and the entire world. Taking soda doesn’t have any side effects. Soda will help you refresh as you enjoy its taste. Here in Kenya, soda is extremely common during events. It is rare to go without a soda at weddings and other events.

You may be thinking of purchasing soda, a crate of soda to be specific, but you don’t know how much it will cost. If that is the real case, then worry less because this review has got you covered.  Maybe you want to be in a position to know how much a crate of soda costs in Kenya.

The price of a crate of soda in Kenya for a 300 ml will be as low as Ksh. 580. On the other hand, a crate of a 500 ml bottle will cost about Ksh. 1,000. Those figures show how much one crate of soda costs in Kenya. 

The retail price of soda in Kenya ranges from Ksh.30 to Ksh.60 depending on the quantity.

Coco-Cola Soda Prices

Before buying Coca-Cola in wholesale terms, there is a need for you to check the Coca-Cola wholesale price list Kenya. This will enable you to know the real prices. As a result, you will be able to conduct the purchase without necessarily being charged more. 

Coca-Cola soda prices in Kenya will vary depending on the quantity. For instance, a 300 ml will cost about Ksh 30 to Ksh 35 and a 500 ml will cost about Ksh 40 to Ksh 45. Those are average soda prices in Kenya.

Commonly Asked Questions

How many bottles are in a crate of soda?

A crate of soda has 24 bottles. 

How much is an empty crate of soda?

The cost of an empty crate of soda will vary depending on the seller. This means that there is no fixed price for an empty crate of soda. 

What is the cost of a 2-litre bottle of soda

The cost of a 2-litre soda in Kenya will vary depending on where you are buying it from. For instance, in Nairobi, a 2 liter soda will cost you Ksh.165 on average. 


Let me hope that you are fully content with the knowledge you actually required. Since you have clear information on how much a crate of soda costs, then nothing should prevent you from purchasing it. Either for consumption or for business purposes. 

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