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Let us begin by understanding what land rates are. Land rates are a tax charged by the government within a township or a region. The variation may differ depending on where one is. When the region is serviced with street lights, sewage services, water, and improved roads, the land rate continues to rise.

Perhaps you want to pay for land rates but are unsure about things like prices and so on. If that is the case, you will be completely satisfied by the end of this article.

Land rates in Nairobi vary in prices depending on the size of the land. For instance, land which is larger than 0.2ha but not exceeding 0.4ha will cost an average of Ksh.4,000; about Ksh.2,560 for property not exceeding 0.1ha; and for land greater than 0.1ha but not exceeding 0.2ha will pay an average of Ksh.3,200.

The land rates in Kenya are paid by the county governments. The money is paid annually. 

Difference Between Land Rent and Land Rates

The difference between land rent and land rates in Kenya is that land rates are charges imposed on all parcels of land and are paid to the county government. Land rent, on the other hand, is paid to the ministry of land and physical planning. 


Freehold land rates in Kenya give one the ability to fully own the given land for life. 

Paying land rates via KRA land rates is also allowed. The rates can either be paid via MPESA or any national bank near you. 

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