Land Survey Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Land Survey Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Land is one of the major factors of production that is required for any activity to take place.

Land surveying plays an integral role in planning, measuring, designing of land subdivisions through final constructions and land development.

The process is facilitated by the Land surveyors who apply their knowledge in planning and measurements of landscapes.

Are you curious to know how much does a surveyor earn in Kenya? A land survey salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.70,000 including all allowances such as housing, medical, transport, among other benefits.

Degree In Land Survey

Degree holders in this course earn more monthly salary that those surveyors with lower levels of education.

Degree in land survey salary is Ksh.86,000 per month including the benefit packages such as allowances.

Do land surveyors make good money? Yes, Land surveyors make a huge amount of money as the starting salary is Ksh. 70,000 and can go up to a maximum of Ksh.300,000 depending on factors such as work experience, education level, gender, location, and others.

Land Survey Fees In Kenya

Land survey fees vary depending on the purpose that one is changing the land into. Below is a summary of the fees charged:

1. Change of land from residential to commercial cost Ksh.20,000 per plot.

2. Change of land from agricultural to commercial cost ksh.30,300 per plot.

3. Change from commercial to industrial land cost Ksh.25,000 per plot.

Marketability Of Land Survey In Kenya

Arising question in this career is: is land survey marketable in Kenya? Yes. Land survey is among the most marketable career in the modern world due to availability of lands and increased growth of industries making this skill be highly demanded for.

Land Survey Course Requirements

Minimum grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a minimum of C+ in English,Mathematics,Physics and Geography.

One can pursue land surveying in diploma, degree or even certificate depending on the KCSE mean grades.

Land Survey Internship In Kenya

If you are looking for internship, you can consider sending your application to:

1. Land Survey Internship at Kenya Rural Roads Authority.

2. Land survey internship at Karen Hills.

3. Land Survey Internship at Emploi, Nairobi.

Land Survey Jobs In Kenya

Vacant jobs that are available in this category include:

a. Project Assistant Surveyor at KETRACO.

b. Sales & Logistics Surveyor at Nairobi Kenya.

c. Associate Program Management Officer -United Nations Human Settlement Programme.

d. Consultancy for Topographical survey at Norwegian Refugee Council.

e. Advocates at Agimba Associates Advocates.

f. Supervisor Property management at Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Apply as early as now to secure a good job in future.

Land Surveyor Technician Jobs

1. Project Assistant Surveyor job (2 posts) at KETRACO.


Land Surveying is a course that is worth studying in the learning institutions as one bares the fruits of high salaries at the end of the tunnel. Also, due to availability of various job opportunities, there is minimum job tarmacking searching for a land surveying job.

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