How Much is Netflix Per Month in Kenya | Packages & Prices

Since its inception, Netflix has gained popularity all over the world. Netflix offers its users the ability to stream millions of shows at very low prices. Netflix has you covered in terms of entertainment, children’s shows, and documentaries, among other things. Netflix has over a million subscribers. This means that it is one of the best show streamers in the world. However, you must pay for subscriptions in order to watch the shows.

Now, that brings us to the question of how much Netflix per month in Kenya costs.

The price of Netflix per month in Kenya varies depending on the package. For instance, a basic package of Netflix goes for an average price of Ksh.700 to Ksh.1,450 per month. The prices are lower for basic packages and higher for premium packages. 

Therefore, this means that you will have to pay Ksh. 700 for basic packages and Ksh. 1,450 for premium packages. Those are the most common Netflix subscription packages. 

Is Netflix free in Kenya? No, Netflix is not free in Kenya. However, sometimes Netflix gives its users an offer to stream for free for a period of one month or more. 

How to Pay for Netflix

Make the subscription payment by using Netflix Kenya Mpesa by linking it with PayPal. And enjoy streaming the best shows of your choice. 

Conduct Netflix sign up Kenya by visiting the official Netflix website without hesitation. 

Get the Netflix Kenya contact number today and get relevant help from the helpline centre. 

Let me hope that up to this point, you have all the relevant information. I believe that this article was helpful to you.

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