How Much is One Unit of Water in Nakuru | NAWASCO Charges

When it comes to human and animal life, water is crucial. Water is required for the body to function properly. Water is sold, particularly the treated water supplied by the government. The government charges those fees to cover the cost of the services they provide.

The price of a unit of water in Nakuru costs an average amount ranging from Ksh. 30 to Ksh. 130.

Nakuru water has a responsibility to ensure that there is a fair distribution of water around the county. They also play a role in ensuring that there is no shortage in terms of the supply of water.


NAWASCO water charges are extremely affordable and favorable. Prices differ depending on where the water is used. For instance, whether the water is for domestic use, business use, company use, or institutional use, the prices will differ.

You can make water payments via NAWASCO paybill, which is 540300, by going to the Mpesa menu. 

Nawasco’s customer care number is: 0110842285. Alternatively, you can email them

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