Water Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

Water Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

Water forms the largest part of life in living things. Water Engineers play a vital role in managing and maintaining water and sewerage infrastructure operations.

Is water engineering marketable in Kenya? Yes, water Engineering is among the most marketable engineering courses with various job opportunities.

Are water engineers in demand? Yes, water engineers are highly demanded for due to the larger population in the modern world that requires water in a daily basis.

Besides, water being a basic commodity for all living things, water engineers are of high demand for the wellbeing of everyone.

Water Engineering Salary

Are you curious to know how much do water engineers make? Water engineering salary in Kenya is an average range from Ksh.50,000 to Ksh.130,000 per month basis including all allowances.

Diploma In Water Engineering Salary

A diploma in water engineering salary In Kenya is an average of Ksh.50,000 per month including all monthly allowances.

Degree In Water Engineering In Kenya

Degree holders are those who have graduated in the universities with a degree in Water Engineering.

Degree holders earn an average of Ksh.100,000 monthly all allowances being inclusive.

Water Engineering Requirements

To become a water engineer in Kenya, you ought to possess the needed water engineering requirements such as:

1. Diploma’s Minimum grade of C- in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

2. Degree’s minimum grade of B- in the KCSE.

3. Atleast three principle passes in Geography, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

Water Engineering Course Units

Institutions that offers course unit in Water Engineering are as follows:

a. Kenya Water Institute, Nairobi.

b. Sigalagala National Polytechnic, Kakamega.

d. Technical University Of Kenya.

e. Eldoret Technical Training Institute.

f. Kipkabus Technical and Vocational college.

g. Butere Technical and Vocational College.

h. Murang’a University College.

i. JKUAT institute of Biotechnology.

Water Engineering Companies In Kenya

Some of the popular water engineering companies in Kenya include:

1. Water Engineering and Pumping Technologies Limited.

2. R-Constructions & Water Engineering Limited.

3. Norken International Limited.

4. Apex Boreholes and  Engineering Company.

5. Benma Technical Services Limited.

6. Steelstone Kenya Limited.

Water Engineering Jobs In Kenya

You can secure a water engineering job by applying as early as now.

a. Water Engineer at Quisher Limited.

b. Senior Water and Sanitation Engineer at Atkins, Nairobi.

c. Water Engineer at Zutari.

d. Water and Sanitation Engineer at SandRose Limited.

e. Brand Assistant-Water Engineering at Corporate Staffing, Nairobi.

NGO Water Engineering Jobs

If you are looking for water engineering internship or job as you desire to work in an NGO, some of the water engineering jobs vacancies include:

1. Water Engineer at Water Treatment Plant,NGO.

2. Irrigation Engineering Jobs In Kenya

3. Assistant Engineer II (Irrigation and Drainage) at Ministry of Water.

4. Senior Researcher- Agricultural Water Management at International Water Management Institute.

5. Water Engineering Internship In Kenya

6. Internship at Kenya Water Institute.

7. Sales Engineers Interns at Davis & Shirtlif Group.

8. Maintenance Engineer at New Kenya Co Operative Creameries.

9. KenGen Water Treatment Plant Interns.


Water Engineering is a career that is worth studying due to its marketability in the modern world. It is also a high paying engineering field with minimum qualifications.

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