How to Apply For Jumia Pick Up Station | Solved, Register Now!

Jumia is a well-known online shopping platform in Kenya that offers its customers the best shopping experiences. Jumia is also well-liked in Kenya because it has provided numerous employment opportunities to citizens with and without credentials. In addition, it offers products at affordable prices, thereby creating a market niche with a high demand for Jumia products.

Jumia pick up stations in Kenya have been developed to make it easier for customers to access their Jumia products without any difficulties.

Registration for Jumia Pick Up Station

Let us get started on how you can apply for Jumia pick up station in Kenya:

  1. Log in to the Jumia official website.
  2. Click to register.
  3. Start your Jumia pick up registration in Kenya by filling in your personal details.
  4. Hold on for a while for your account to be approved.
  5. Log in to your account.
  6. Click on “sell a service.”
  7. Apply to be a vendor.
  8. Submit your application.
  9. A notification will be sent to you showing your application status.
  10. You can now start working as a Jumia pick up station and earn as much money as you can.

This is the simplest way that you can use to apply for a Jumia pick up station in Kenya from the comfort of your seat.

Jumia Pick Up Stations in Nairobi

You may also want to know the Jumia pick up stations in Nairobi, which are:

  1. Jumia CBD, Kantaria pick up.
  2. Jumia Westlands Pick up.
  3. Jumia Adams Arcade.
  4. Jumia Shell, Kenyatta Avenue, PUS.
  5. Jumia Ngong Road.

These are some of the most well-known Jumia pick up stations in Nairobi that you can emulate.


Overall, Jumia is a popular platform in Kenya. As Jumia products are in high demand throughout the country, opening a Jumia pick up station is the best business opportunity for you.

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