How to Apply for KMTC Through KUCCPS | Solved & Explained!

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is the best medical college where many students dream of enrolling and pursuing their medical careers. KMTC intake is always announced to the general public so that students who qualify and are willing to apply can do so through the KMTCC online application.

I am going to show you how to apply for KMTC through the KUCCPS KMTC portal.

KUCCPS KMTC Application

Here is the procedure on how to apply for KMTC through KUCCPS:

1. Go to the KMTC application portal on your device.

2. Log in to the KMTC student portal by keying in your details such as user name, password, and KCSE index number.

3. Once you have logged in, navigate to the course baskets and check the cluster points.

4. Add the course of your choice to the course basket.

5. Click on “Submit Application” to complete the process.

6. Make the KUCCPS KMTC application payment as requested.

7. After KMTC placement, log in to the portal, and navigate to the admission letter section.

8. Download and print the KMTC KUCCPS admission letter to have a hard copy.

This is the simplest way you can apply for KMTC through KUCCPS.

KMTC Application Requirements

You may also be interested in knowing the requirements needed to make the KMTC application, which are:

  1. A minimum mean grade of C is required in the KCSE.
  2. A minimum grade of C+ in the core subjects such as Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry or Physics.
  3. You should provide your documents such as KCSE result slip, leaving certificate, national ID card, or birth certificate copy.


KMTC is the best school that you would wish to study at. Besides, they offer quality medical education, making students highly competent when it comes to working in health facilities. Make your application today through the KUCCPS KMTC portal using the simplest given procedure.

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