How to Apply for KRA Waiver Online (Solved, Don’t Miss Out!)

A KRA penalty waiver can be applied for by a taxpayer in order to be considered and penalties and interest remitted when a person fails to pay their taxes on time. The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) acknowledges the tax waiver letter, thus relieving taxpayers of the burden of paying taxes.

Are you looking for how to apply for a KRA waiver? Worry not, because I’ve got you covered. In this article I am going to show you various fascinating details that will help you out.

Below is the procedure on how to apply for a KRA waiver online:

  1. Visit the official KRA website on your device.
  2. Key in your KRA pin in the box provided and press continue.
  3. Enter your password and solve the arithmetic sum given to log in.
  4. Press the menu bar named “debts and enforcement.”
  5. Click “Apply for waiver for penalties and interests.”
  6. Write a KRA waiver application letter in the space provided. You can look for templates so as to have a clue about what to write.
  7. Select the tax obligations, such as resident, individual, income tax or VAT.
  8. Choose the tax type based on the provided options.
  9. Select the year that the penalty exists.
  10. Key in the value you wish to request an exception to.
  11. Click submit to upload the KRA waiver application document.

The itax waiver application is this simple when you follow the steps carefully.


In the final analysis, the application for a waiver will help you avoid trouble from the KRA agents who will only cause inconveniences. Besides, documents for waiver applications are always done online at the comfort of your seat without straining to walk to the KRA offices. Apply for a KRA waiver today and enjoy the benefits that tag along.

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