How To Buy Equitel Data Bundles With More Data Bonus Now

How To Buy Equitel Data Bundles With More Data Bonus Now

Equitel mobile network is of big help in the modern economy as one is able to save more by using Equitel internet services which are given in affordable costs.

In addition, Equitel gives combined units such as minutes, bundles and SMS in one package at a cheaper price.

Besides, those heavy data users are given a data bundle package that one is able to browse freely the internet, access various apps, data services, and other activities that requires data.

Are you interested in knowing how to buy Equitel Data Bundles using your mobile phone? This is the right article for you and I will give you the solution.

Here is the procedure on how to buy Equitel data bundles:

Method 1: Buy Equitel Bundles Using USSD

Step 1:Dial *544# using your mobile phone Equitel line.

Step 2: Data options will be displayed on your screen.

Step 3:Select your preferred data choice.

Step 4: Click ok to confirm your purchase.

Step 5:An automatic message will be sent to you immediately after data has been recharged to your line.

 Hope you have successfully purchased your Equitel data bundles.

Method 2: Buy Equitel Bundles Using Equitel Menu

Alternatively, you can buy Equitel data bundles using the following procedure:

1.Go to Equitel STK Menu under my phone or my money.

2.Click buy bundles.

3.Data validity will be displayed on your mobile phone.

4.Select your preferred data.

5.Click Ok on your phone.

6.Wait for the confirmation message which will be sent in a few seconds.

Use can use this method too to buy your Equitel data bundles.

Equitel Line Services

Equitel line offers a variety of services to their customers which meets the standard requirements of an individual. Such services include:

1. Pay with Equity.

2. Eazzy loans.

3. Money transfer Tariff.

4. Internet settings.

These services can be accessed at the comfort of your seat without necessarily going to the bank.


In conclusion, Equitel is the best Mobile network operator in Kenya that many aspire to have. It has various advantages that makes it top best in the country.

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