How To Buy Telkom Bundles | Easily With Latest New Offers

How To Buy Telkom Bundles | Easily With Latest New Offers

Telkom bundles are one of the cheapest internet access with affordable and long-lasting packages.

Telkom Bundles can are dispensed on a daily basis, weekly and monthly basis.

You can access any of the provided packages depending on your pocket and expiry date.

Would you like to know how to buy Telkom bundles? Well, you can follow the steps bellow.

Step 1 dial *544#

Step 2. Go to ‘Buy Bundles’

Step 3.  Select from the given options, the most suitable bundle with offers according to your affordability

Step 4. You can buy from your airtime or directly from your Mpesa.

Step 5. Verify the details then send.

Step 6. Wait for a confirmation message concerning the purchase

Yes, you earn Ziada points upon purchase and use of the Night Owl data.

Telkom Data Bundles Rates

Some of the provided data bundles include;

Daily (24hours)

  • 70MB-Ksh. 10
  • 200MB- Ksh. 20
  • 700MB- Ksh. 50
  • 700+ 700night bundles- Ksh. 60
  • 2gb+2g night bundles-Ksh. 100
  • Stay awake 5gb bundles-Ksh. 50(12am to 6 am)

Weekly (7 days)

  • 35MB-Ksh. 49
  • 750MB- Ksh. 99
  • 2.5gb – Ksh. 249

Monthly (30 Days)

  • 2 GB- Ksh. 249
  • 5GB- Ksh. 499
  • 12Ggb- Ksh. 999
  • 30 GB-Ksh.1999
  • 50GB- Ksh. 2999

valid 90 days

  • 100gb- Ksh. 6,000

Unlimited daily valid for 30 days

  • 13.3GB- Ksh.  4,000 Fair Usage

Unlimited plus 30 dailys

  • 16.6 -Ksh.  5,500 Fair Usage

Note that;

Subscriptions to the data bundles allow you to enjoy, Telkom calls with a daily limit of 60minutes

Free WhatsApp with a daily limit of 50MB

You can always check data balance by dialing *131#

If you have ‘My Telkom’ app you can also select the #StayWoke data bundle to subscribe.

Alternatively, you can visit ‘’ on your browser to buy bundles.

Buy Telkom Bundles With Telkom Points

How to buy data with Telkom points

Step 1. Dial *126#

Step 2. Go to redeem bonga points

Step 3. Select whether you want free minutes, free airtime, free sms or free data bundles

Step 4. Select a suitable package that suits you.

Step 5. Verify details and send

Step 6. Wait for an sms delivering your purchase

Zaidi Points Telkom Bundles

Ziada points are awarded to Telkom active subscribers. The points can only be given to prepaid customers.

You can redeem Ziada points for calls, SMS and data

You can also Ziada points to top up with cash and purchase goods from telkom shops.

Some of the Ziada points give-aways include;

1. 50 Ziada points- Ksh. 15 airtime

2. 1649 Ziada points-1GB (valid for 24 hours with free calls & WhasApp)

3. 4497 Ziada points- 2GB (24 hours validity)

4. 8299 Ziada points – 3GB (1 month validity)


 I hope you now know how to buy Telkom bundles. Every time you subscribe to a data bundle of your choice, ensure usage is maximized. Otherwise, the balance will be wasted. How to buy data with Telkom points should not be a problem anymore. This article has provided you with the required guidelines. Enjoy browsing.

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