How To Buy Giga Bundles | Latest New Cheapest Offer

How To Buy Giga Bundles | Latest New Cheapest Offer

Giga bundles is a Safaricom package that all Safaricom subscribers can purchase the new data bundles at affordable prices.

Safaricom mobile network operator has revamped its products and thus people are able to access all the internet without lots of data being consumed.

Giga bundles is really enjoyed by the majority as it is a 4G data bundle.

An added advantage about Giga bundles is that it downloads a lot of staff at a faster rate yet at an affordable cost.

Buy Giga Bundles For My Phone

Today I am going to take you through a procedure on how to buy Giga bundles using your mobile phone.

Step 1: Open the call menu.

Step 2: Dial *544# or *444*1#.

Step 3: Call the Safaricom line.

Step 4: Choose your preferred Giga bundles of your choice.

Step 5: A confirmation message will be sent to you in a few seconds showing you have successfully purchased Giga bundles.

Besides, you can as well open this link and follow the simple steps given.

Hopefully, you have gotten the solution to your question in a very informative way.

You may also have an inclination of knowing how to share Safaricom bundles.

Safaricom Sambaza has facilitated this process of sharing Safaricom bundles from one person to another.

Buy Giga Bundles For Another Number

Here are the steps on how to buy Giga bundles for another number:

Step 1: Dial *544# using you mobile device.

Step 2: Select Internet Sambaza.

Step 3: Enter amount of Giga bundles that you want to buy for another number

Step 4: Enter the recipient’s mobile number.

Step 5: Confirm whether the information typed is correct before pressing ok.

Step 6: An automatic message is sent to you in a few seconds showing the transaction that has taken place.

You have successfully transferred Giga bundles to another line without complications.


Sharing of bundles to other networks has really helped people in completing their online tasks when they run short of Safaricom bundles.

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