How To Buy Telkom Bundles For Another Number | Right Now

How To Buy Telkom Bundles For Another Number | Right Now

Telkom offers a variety of packages such as bundles in bulk and they break down into various sizes that can be affordable by any individual.

Telkom is being appreciated by the majority due to their variety of products that they offer.

One of the offers include the Telkom Unlimited bundles that are highly recognized by people since one is able to browse for a long time without data being highly consumed.

Do you know that transferring Telkom data bundles is very easy and can be done without difficulties using your mobile phone?

I am going to show you the procedure on how to buy Telkom bundles for another number the easiest and quickest method:

Step 1: Dial *180#

Step 2: Press the Telkom call button.

Step 3: Select option 4 which is the data bundle option.

Step 4: Select option 2 which is transfer airtime or data.

Stage 5: Enter the recipient’s number.

Stage 6: Enter your preferred amount of airtime to purchase the bundles.

Stage 7: Press the ok key.

Stage 8: A confirmation message will be sent to you showing whether the transfer is successful or not.

I hope you have succeeded in buying Telkom bundles for another number using this procedure.

Buy Unlimited Telkom Bundles

You may also like to know how to buy Telkom Unlimited bundles which is also easy to understand.

Below are the four ways in which you can subscribe to Telkom Unlimited bundles:

1. Dial *222# using your mobile phone and subscribe.

2. Visit and follow the simple steps provided.

3. Call 100 using your Telkom line to reach customer care for guidance.

4.You can as well visit the Telkom customer care outlet shop.

I hope you have gotten it right because you will not regret it.


To summarize, Telkom provides integrated solutions to a variety of citizens in the country at large. Besides,many have discovered the Telkom secret of good Telkom offers hence living smoothly with Telkom.

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