How To Buy Unlimited Data On Airtel Kenya | With New Offers

How To Buy Unlimited Data On Airtel Kenya | With New Offers Now

Airtel communication network allows you to enjoy Unlimited data to keep you browsing. The data is accompanied by free talk times and free sms per purchase.

The unlimited Airtel data is available in different packages from which you choose based on your affordability.

Airtel unlimited data can be bought in two ways for various offers

1. Using Combo Bundles

2.  Using Amazing Data Bundle

Here is a simple procedure on how how to buy unlimited data on Airtel:

Buy Unlimited Airtel Combo Bundles

This is how to buy unlimited data on airtel with unlimited combo bundles

Step 1. Dial *544#

Step 2. Select Unliminet

Step 3. Select Combo Bundles

Step 3. Choose from the available data bundles the most suitable one for you

Step 4. Buy using airtime

Step 5. Review details and send

Step 6. Confirm your purchase from and sms shortly

Unlimited Bundles With Airtel Combo

Some of the available packages include;

100MB- Ksh. 20 daily

200MB-Ksh. 50 daily

400MB-Ksh. 100 daily

The data purchase comes with free WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook to a limit of 100MBs.

Buy Unlimited Airtel Amazing Data Bundles

How To Buy Unlimited Data On Airtel With Amazing Data Bundles

Step 1. Dial *544#

Step 2. Select Amazing Data Bundles

Step 3. Go to Select Data Bundles

Step 4. Choose a package of your own desire considering expiry date and affordability

Step 4. You can either buy from your airtime or saved money

Step 5. Check the details of the purchase and send

Step 6. Wait for a confirmation message of the purchase

Airtel Amazing Bundles Data Charges

Some of the available data include;

Airtel Bundles Valid for 1 day (24 hours)

70MB – Ksh. 10 daily

200MB- Ksh. 20 daily (free WhatsApp)

500MB- Ksh. 50 daily (free WhatsApp)

2GB- Ksh. 99 daily (free WhatsApp)

Airtel Bundles Valid for a week (7 days)

350MB- Ksh. 50 (free WhatsApp)

750MB- Ksh. 100 (free WhatsApp)

2.5GB-Ksh. 250 (free WhatsApp)

6GM – Ksh. 500 (free WhatsApp)

Airtel Bundles Valid for 1 month (30 days)

3GB – Ksh. 300 (free WhatsApp)

5GB-Ksh. 500 (free WhatsApp)

12GB-Ksh. 1,000 (free WhatsApp)

20GB- Ksh. 1500 (free WhatsApp)

30GB-Ksh. 2,000 (free WhatsApp)

50GB- Ksh. 3,000 (free WhatsApp)

Airtel Bundles Valid for 90 days (3 months)

  • 25GB- Ksh. 3,000
  • 55GB-Ksh. 6,000
  • 90GB- Ksh. 9,000

Note that, the free WhatsApp is limited to 50MB data per day.


Now you know how to buy unlimited data on Airtel. Remember, you are you are at liberty to buy either daily, weekly or monthly data. I hope this article is reliable enough to resolve your data issues with Airtel. 

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