How To Buy Unlimited Safaricom Minutes | Latest New Offer

How To Buy Unlimited Safaricom Minutes | Latest New Offer

Availability of unlimited Safaricom minutes in the modern world has made life more easier as communication is made efficient.

Many people prefer calls rather than chatting as calls give faster response and also makes one feel as if they are close to their loved ones.

 Safaricom monthly packages which has been revamped recently has led to promotion of unlimited minutes on a monthly basis making customers enjoy the packages.

Are you worried about how to buy Safaricom monthly minutes? You should stop worrying as this article is meant for you. I will give you a solution.

Here is an easy method based on how to buy unlimited Safaricom minutes in your mobile phone:

Step 1: Open the call menu.

Step 2: Dial *444#.

Step 3: Call the Safaricom line and you will be given options.

Step 4: Select option 1.

Step 5: Enter amount of airtime that you want to purchase the unlimited minutes.

Step 6: An automatic message will be sent to you confirming the purchase of Unlimited Safaricom minutes.

That is how you receive your unlimited Safaricom minutes that you can use to talk with a variety of your loved ones or even business matters.

Safaricom Customer Care

Safaricom Customer care services can be done at the comfort of your seat or you can as well visit a Safaricom Customer Care shop near you.

I prefer contacting Safaricom directly rather than wasting time queueing in the Safaricom shop.

To contact Safaricom Customer care dial 100.This call is always free of charge and your problems will be sorted out without stress.

Safaricom Customer Care Contacts is 100

You can as well use this mobile number 0722002100 but it is chargeable thus applicable cost is incurred.

Safaricom Customer Care Email: 


To sum up, Safaricom always prioritizes their customers needs over anything thus able to maintain highest profits. Besides, they give various Safaricom packages that favors all the people based on their standards of living.

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